Challenge 10

On the student challenge, questions were given to answer them in order to give back feedback.

Two weeks is not enough time in order to register before the first student challenge because many people may be busy many of the times and not have enough time. A suggestion would be to give more time. In order to subscribe, I subscribed to email. I really appreciate for the headers in the blogging challenge because it was really useful and it helped me out many times. To visit the challenge every week, I went on the actual challenge on the blog. The challenge I found the most useful was challenge number 8 because people can get feedback on their blog and see what people think about what they post on. The challenge that I found the most interesting was challenge number 7 because it showed of how people care of the earth and how we want to save it. Some topics I would like included in future challenges would be to invent an imaginary product and talk about why the product is so special. More tutorial type challenges are needed because this allows more people to understand a certain topic. The ” Visit these posts” were useful because it gave an example of a challenge and it allowed more people to understand a certain topic. Making a cartoon or a comic was interesting and edublogs allowed me to make one. There was not enough chances to visit other blogs and make links with them because people need to post up posts and other things. When classes registered, I think that there was enough specific activities for classes and yes we made global connections. Overall, I am happy to answer these questions and I have really enjoyed having a blog with edublogs.

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