Challenge 10

On the student challenge, questions were given to answer them in order to give back feedback.

Two weeks is not enough time in order to register before the first student challenge because many people may be busy many of the times and not have enough time. A suggestion would be to give more time. In order to subscribe, I subscribed to email. I really appreciate for the headers in the blogging challenge because it was really useful and it helped me out many times. To visit the challenge every week, I went on the actual challenge on the blog. The challenge I found the most useful was challenge number 8 because people can get feedback on their blog and see what people think about what they post on. The challenge that I found the most interesting was challenge number 7 because it showed of how people care of the earth and how we want to save it. Some topics I would like included in future challenges would be to invent an imaginary product and talk about why the product is so special. More tutorial type challenges are needed because this allows more people to understand a certain topic. The ” Visit these posts” were useful because it gave an example of a challenge and it allowed more people to understand a certain topic. Making a cartoon or a comic was interesting and edublogs allowed me to make one. There was not enough chances to visit other blogs and make links with them because people need to post up posts and other things. When classes registered, I think that there was enough specific activities for classes and yes we made global connections. Overall, I am happy to answer these questions and I have really enjoyed having a blog with edublogs.

Rumpelstiltskin Rewritten Script

This is a skit that I had to change from the original story Rumpelstiltskin. It was a project that was assigned to the class and this was my overall result. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Prince: Hear me, hear me. Ladies and gentlemen, my presence is here for thee I am in need for a chap or female whom knows how of the magic in turning straw into gold.

Kate: Excuse me Prince William, but I know how to turn straw into gold.

Prince: Allow me to take you with me then.

( Walk away and Prince takes Kate into room filled with straw and Prince locks Kate in room)

Kate: No, wait. This is not what I thought of when Prince William said to turn straw into gold. ( Starts to cry)

Rumpelstiltskin: Hello. May I help you? ( Kate stays quiet) Well, what would you do if I turned this straw into gold?

Kate: ( Sad voice) My ring.

Prince: Kate I forgot to tell you……….(bcatches Kate and Rumpelstiltskin) And what do I see here?

Kate: I can explain.

Prince: You lied to me. ( Slaps Kate)

Kate: How dare you.

Prince: Pardon me. I didn’t mean to slap you. Forgive me, I am really sorry.

One Month Later

Prince: ( Proposes to Kate) I have fallen in love with your beauty and intelligence. Will you marry me?

Kate: Yes.

Couple of Months Later

– Wedding of Princess Kate and Prince William

– Also have a child

-Rumpelstilskin is worker for turning straw into gold and gets paid

-( Princess Kate combing hair, servants with baby)

Rumpelstiltskin: ( Comes in) Hello Princess Kate. Remember you promised me a big award after a year for giving and the Prince gold?

Kate: Yes.

Rumpelstiltskin: Well, I know what I want, your child.

Kate: No

Rumpelstiltskin: Fine, I’ll give you three days for you to discover my name.

3 days later, Kate has not discovered his name

Rumpelstiltskin: Do you know my name?

Kate: No. Though, please don’t take my child.

Rumpelstiltskin: Fine, keep your child. I won’t take him for right now, but I will leave you a little surprise.

-Kate and servants happy including the Prince

3 Weeks Later

– ( Everyone wakes up and servants go to baby room. Servants scream and Princess Kate and Prince William come to room to discover the baby has been killed.)

– ( Everyone starts to cry)

Kate: ( Screams) Nooooooooo! It was him, that evil villager. ( Very sad and angry, and Prince tearing, servants try to calm them down)

The End!!!!!!!

Rumpelstiltskin Skit

This is a skit I wrote based on the original story of “Rumpelstiltskin”.

Miller: King, my daughter can turn straw into gold!

King: Bring me her immediately! ( soon daughter locked in room with straw).

King to Miller’s Daughter: Turn this straw into gold. If you don’t, you shall be killed!

Daughter: ( Weeps/Cries)

Rumpelstiltskin: What would you give me if I turned this straw into gold?

Daughter: ( sad voice) My ring. ( Rumpelstiltskin turns straw into gold)

King: ( Surprised) ( Takes daughter to 0ther room and says…..) Turn this straw into gold or you shall be punished by death.

Daughter: ( Weeps) ( Very sad).

Rumpelstiltskin: ( Enters) Hello! What would you give me if I turned this straw into gold?

Daughter: ( Sad voice) My necklace. ( Rumpelstiltskin turns straw into gold)

King: ( Astonished) Amazing! ( Puts daughter in other room with a larger amount of straw) If you don’t finish, you shall die. If you do finish, you shall become my wife.

Daughter: ( Weeps/Cries) ( Very Sad)

Rumpelstiltskin: Hello, what would you give me if I turned this straw into gold?

Daughter: I have nothing to repay you with. ( Looks sad and confused)

Rumpelstiltskin: Fine, then once you have your first baby, you shall give me your baby.

Daughter: Uggh, I have no choice. Yes I will do as told.

One Year Later

* Daughter married ( is queen) and has a baby son*

Rumpelstiltskin: Ahh, I see you have your child. Hand him over to me. Give me him!

Daughter: No!!!!!

Rumpelstiltskin: I’ll give you three days for you to discover my name, but if you don’t, the child is mine!

-Servant searches for villager and discovers his name is Rumpelstiltskin, and tells the daughter his name. ( Daughter excited)

3 Days Later

Rumpelstiltskin: Hello, now do you know my name?

Daughter: Yes, is your name Rumpelstiltskin?

Rumpelstiltskin: The devil told you that!

The End.

Happily Ever After!!!!!!!

Lost In A Desert

It was the fresh morning of Westfield Lake where the birds chirped, the sun set bright and it was a perfect morning just like a fairy-tale. Claire, Mark, and Tiffany were all ready to go to an old friend’s house, Tom that lived 3 hours away from Westfield Lake. They were really looking forward to this day and were so excited they hardly could take off the big smile from their face all day long!

“I’m so excited!” exclaimed Claire.

“Me too. I can’t wait to get there!” said Tiffany.

So, to not waste anymore time, Mark turned on the car.

They all jumped in the car and turned on the music to full blast and turned on the air conditioner later on he way. They sang along with the music and couldn’t wait for this 3 hour drive to end. Soon they were halfway to Tom’s house, till they got a flat tire. Luckily Mark knew how to fix flat tires. Once it was ready he jumped back into the car and said, “Everything is ready we can now get going.” Then it was just their bad luck day that the car wouldn’t turn on. Mark tried so many times then at last he gave up and knew that the car wouldn’t turn on again. Mark jumped all over the place, screamed out loud, and got super red! He screamed, “WHY, WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN!” It was 117 degrees in the desert. The desert was burning hot like a stove and the worst part of all, the desert was very humid. They didn’t have any water, no food, and now no air for them to get cool.

“It’s so hot!” exclaimed Claire.

“Nah it’s so cold!” Tiffany said sarcastically.

“We are going to have to wait for soeone to hopefully come and give us a ride home.” Mark said.

It looked like if the sun got darker and bigger. The weather got hotter and it seemed like if it went up 100 degrees though it only went up 2 degrees. Claire fell down to the floor hot and exhausted. The day passed very slow till finally it became night and the moon glowed very bright. It didn’t make so much of a difference from the heat, but they stayed in the car to sleep.

It was finally morning and it was their lucky day. A car was coming and all three of them waved their hands back and forth. The car just drove along like if they were invisible.

“It is our bad luck day and tomorrow it will be and the day after that and the day after that and the…….We get it Claire said Tiffany.” “We ALL know that it is our bad luck days so please don’t talk about it.” “Maybe it isn’t overall.” Yelled Mark. Look said Mark. There was a red car coming their way. They yelled out desperately, but then again the car just ignored them like if they were invisible.

“Yeah you got my hopes up,Mark” Claire wailed. “I never thought I would die so soon! I still wanted to travel the world. What did I ever do wrong!” She shed a few tears and said,”Just shoot me already!”

“Well” Mark began ” We can’t just stay like this forever and starve to death because I’m hungry.”

“So what do you want us to do about it”, Claire said in a low voice.

“Well…….umm you’re not going to like the idea but we are going to have to hunt like human-beings back then in order to survive.”

“Hunt?” Tiffany and Claire shrieked.


Then later Mark volunteered to do the hunting and try to get tools from his car to kill any kind of animal. Mark left at night with a flashlight and a wrench, and some other tools along with him, to kill some animals out in the desert. Hourse had passed and Mark was not back.

“What if Mark got eaten by a coyote or any other type of animal.” “What if he got bit by a snake and didn’t get any food and now we have to go hunt and then we have to survive on our own and what if something happened to us and what if…….Claire, Mark should be alright and he should be back by no time.”

It seemed like more hours had passed and Mark was still not back! It was really dark, almost black. The big bright moon was the only light for them to see around. The desert was filled with different noises. You can hear the wolf howling and the owl hooting. The desert smelled like dry cactuses and still Mark was not back.

“Ok Claire I guess we will after all have to look for Mark because there is a possibility that he is dead so we have to find him.”

“What if Mark is dead?” Claire asked.

“Let’s not think negative but if we find him dead our only choice is to eat him.”

“Gross! Tiffany, I’m not a cannibal and plus I am hungry, but I wouldn’t eat a person. Are you crazy!”

“We have no other choice, now follow me.”

They both went around the desert looking for Mark but they had no idea where they were heading. They yelled out for Mark but there was no sign of him. They saw some animals like a rabbit they could have killed but that wasn’t their main point to go around the desert. At a point Claire tought she heard Mark because Claire heard some kind of strange noise like if something was folloing them. Claire heard footsteps and something like a raw noise but very soft.

“What was that?” Asked Claire.

“What was what?” Asked Tiffany.

“It sounded like if something was following us.”

“You are hearing things Claire because I didn’t hear anything.”

Claire heard the noise when they were walking but then the strange noise stopped when they stopped. Then all of a sudden Claire and Tiffany both turned around and stared at the creature for a second and soon realized the creature was a coyote. The coyote was big, brown, buff and scary, even with his teeth popping out to bite something. Claire could hear the beat of her heart racing as fast as a cheetah. Tiffany said to not move and next thing you know she said to run as fast as she can. They ran for their lives but then Tiffany hit a tree and fell to the ground!!!

“NOOOOO, don’t do this to me Tiffany!!!!!”

Claire grabbed Tiffany and tried to run with her and soon Claire made it to a tree and tried very hard to climb it up. Luckily Claire had been working out in the gym so she was strong enough. Claire tried to do everything to wake up Tiffany and at last Tiffany woe up confused.

“Where am I?”

“Don’t worry about it, are you feeling better?”


Then Tiffany was wide awake and was alert. They looked everywhere to make sure the coyote was gone and he was. They went down the tall tree very slow and quiet. Then they started to look for Mark. Finally at last they found Mark dead bleeding everywhere on the ground. The sand was now filled with blood. There was so much blood on the ground it seemed like the sand was actually the color red. Clair started to cry aloud and Tiffany did the exact same thing. Claire and Tiffany couldn’t do anything without him! They both left Mark lying on the ground and headed back to the car crying. Both of them didn’t say a single word on their way to the car. Once Claire and Tiffany reached the car, they entered and quickly fell asleep. Finally it was the morning where the birds chirped, the sun set bright, and it was a perfect morning just like a fairy-tale. Claire had just woke up from a terrible dream where she was lost in a desert with her two other friends. Claire got ready to go to an old friend’s house Tom that lived 3 hours away from Westfield Lake. Once Claire, Mark, and Tiffany were prepared they went inside the car. Their mom’s wished them all good luck because they would need it.

The Atlantis Paradise Isand

Atlantis Paradise Island
A view that no other place has, where one can be fascinated and one’s breath can be taken away. The Atlantis Paradise Island is located in the Bahamas. It’s an island that has a variety of hotels inside the island. Each hotel gives many choices of activities and many fine restaurants are offered in each hotel. The Atlantis Paradise Island is a unique environment holding a reputation for offering a pleasurable experience.

Atlantis Paradise Island View


The island has many activities to offer. For instance, visitors can golf, go to the spa, exercise at the fitness center, or even search for a book at the library. Even more, visitors can have themselves take part in playing tennis, shopping at the local stores, rock climbing, and working on pottery.(Atlantis) (Atlantis Hotel Bahamas-Disney for adults 71)

The Mayan Temple

Tunnel for Mayan Temple

Going to the water park is another exciting activity to do. In the water park there are water slides and river slides. One famous water slide is called the Mayan Temple. The Mayan Temple has a 60-ft. drop from the top to the bottom. Then, as one falls down the long slide the person falls into a tunnel. The tunnel is underground and one can see sharks in the tunnel. Though, there is a glass blocking the sharks from them doing any harm to the visitors. Then, at the end of the tunnel, feet-first the person lands into a small pool. There are also pools to swim in and splash in the water park.(Atlantis)



In the island there are also many restaurants to eat in. Visitors have a variety of choices of restaurants to choose from. For example, one of the restaurant’s name is the Seafire Steak House. A different restaurant is called the Mesa Grill. These are categorized differently because they serve different types of food. For instance some can serve fish and others serve salads. Another example is that the Atlantis also categorizes the restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.(Atlantis)


Cove Atlantis Hotel

Beach Towers Hotel

In this island, all the hotels have different prices. The prices vary. The most expensive hotel is named the Cove Atlantis. The starting price is $1,013 per night. This hotel is very luxurious. It has fine rooms that are great in size. Some rooms have king size beds, which also depends on the type of room one chooses. Many of the rooms have plasma TV’s. Each room is different. Some examples of different rooms is a penthouse or just a normal suite. The bathrooms of the hotel rooms are very spacious and modern with marble floors. Some bathrooms even have double sink. Overall, this hotel is very good looking.(Atlantis)
The Beach Towers hotel is the least expensive hotel in the Atlantis Paradise Island. The starting price is $283 per night. The Beach Towers and the Cove Atlantis have many differences. For instance, in the Beach Towers the rooms are smaller than the ones in the Cove Atlantis. The Beach Tower hotel is also not as modern as the Cove Atlantis. Though, the Beach Towers also doesn’t have as many choices to choose from for different rooms.(Atlantis)




Celebrities Visiting The Island


In the Atlantis, many celebrities have visited this Paradise Island. For example, Michael Jackson has stayed at the Royal Towers hotel. He stayed at the hotel for $25,000 a night! Other than Michael Jackson visiting this island, many other celebrities have visited too. Such as, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Oprah Winfrey and many more. Many have come to have fun and enjoy the island, other celebrities have come to do concerts. Ultimately, many celebrities have come to visit the Atlantis Paradise Island and have had a great time.(Atlantis Paradise Island) (Atlantis keeps spending-and celebs keep coming)


To conclude, I think the Atlantis Paradise Island is a very entertaining place. After all of what I have researched this island sounds wonderful and fascinating. I wish that one day I would be able to visit this place. I have learned so much from this island that I even found out it’s not so cheap. Though, one day it would be wonderful to have a vacation at the Atlantis Paradise Island.

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A Memory on the Sea

Imagine stepping on lands that you have only dreamed about, or that you have only seen on television. Amazing, is it not? While it was not enjoyable to wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning to head to the airport, going on board a cruise to Cozumel, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica was! I spent four distressing hours on an airplane, so I was overwhelmed with releif when my family and I finally stepped foot on Miami. There, we sauntered around Miami’s inviting streets, gazing at the numerous palm trees, until our cruise ship finally arrived. When it did was when all the fun began.

My dreams finally took life when we stopped into the cruise. On the overcrowded deck, my eyes were rewarded with stunning views. Waves pounded the ship’s stern, and birds flew in the distance. The soothing music that was played inside the cruise filled my ears, discarding any remaining memories of being exhausted. When we reached the cabin, my first instinct was to leave my luggage and quickly storm out of the room with my older sister; I was anxious to explore the ship. However, that had to wait because all the members in the cruise were forced to attend a meeting about what to do in case of an emergency. Afterwards, my family and I walked throughout the whole ship. We went up every stair case and every hallway. When we returned to our cabin at night, we found a unique surprise. There were towel animals on our bed!

I was thrilled when we finally arrived at Cozumel; I had been impatient to discover this extraordinary place. As my family and I were driven around Cozumel’s streets, I was surprised by the abundance of greenery and its beautiful beaches. The water was crystal clear, unlike the dark, grey water found on Los Angele’s beaches. My sister and I were delighted. Smiles struck me as I jumped and played in the water. My favorite part of the beach was the activities. I went canoeing, jumped extremely high on a jumper, and built castles with sand. The lovely palm trees at the beach were also memorable. They were tall with long, green branches. Along with the palm trees was a spectacular view. I was able to see our enormous ship docked at the port. When we arrived back to the cruise, we ate dinner. During the whole trip, all the food that went down my throat was mouthwatering. That night I had eaten white pasta with shrimp.

The next day, the sun was shining bright for a day at the beach. The cruise had arrived at the Cayman Islands. The thing I loved most about this place was the water’s transparency. I could literally see my feet through the water! The sand was as soft as a baby’s skin. While I jumped into the water, my sister spent an hour trying to get a tan. Unfortunately, she was overly bronze like a toasted bread. I laugh every time she regrets treating her skin to such extensive sun exposure. That day didn’t last long, though, for my family became tired and longed for some rest.

I used to think that Jamaica was  a flawless country. Boy was I wrong! The streets I walked through were heavy with poverty and many beggars. My dad became aggravated from the constant begging. While I had seen many pictures of Jamaica’s beaches, my family and I didn’t take the oppurtunity to visit them. Instead we spent the whole day at the many shops scattered throughout the island. The souvenirs were unique. My mom and I bought many of them. My favorite one was a half cup that read” My Jamaica vacation was so expensive I could only afford half a cup!”

Eventually, the week came to end. My family and I had to head back home. I dreaded the four-hour flight but, once I realized how much I missed home, I was more than happy to get on board. However, as I now look back to this phenomenal experience, I long to return to that cruise. I hope that I am given the opportunity once again to travel to such amazing places.

An Everyday Hero

Gaby  was born in Chicago, Illinois. When she was young, she moved with her family to many places. After settling in Chicago for ten years, she moved to Mexico. There, she lived with her parents for seven years. However, that changed when her parents’ relationship took a turn; they got divorced. As a result, she moved back to Chicago with her mother and three siblings. Completing school became a challenge, for she was not given enough encouragement to continue an education. Gaby didn’t give up, though, and knew that continuing an education was the correct step to making her life better.

Gaby did not change very much after the divorcement of her parents, except for the fact that at times she wanted to wail. When she she would get home, she sometimes would lock herself in her room, and would get mad. She would get frustrated and think that it was her fault because of her parent’s divorcement. She says, ” I sometimes tried to ignore the problem, but it was difficult.” Other times she would get distracted in class. Eventually, she knew she had to do something to overcome this problem. She said, ” I tried to remain calm and think through my problems. I tried to be persistent, creating goals, and most importantly, achieving them. This was the answer to my problems.”

When Gaby was in her twenties, she decided to go back to visit Chicago with her friend. Gaby’s friends really wanted to have dance classes. Gaby, on the other hand, didn’t feel like dancing, but she was forced by her friend. Gaby fell in love with her dance teacher and she knew that he was the love of her life. Soon, they were going to get married. She wanted to invite her entire family, including her father. She arrived to LA to announce the wonderful news to her dad. She said, ” At the time I announced my wedding, I was overwhelmed with smiles.”

Gaby is now married and is recently pregnant. She has already graduated from the San Diego State University. She hopes to be a successful artist, who will continue creating innovative and unique art. She says, ” I believe that everything happens for a reason.” I have learned a lesson from her life, and I think that everybody should expect the unexpected. Gaby is a very hardworking person; she never gives up, no matter what reason crosses through her life. She’s wonderful and she is always creating new goals for herself, which she always achieves. This is why Gaby is my hero.